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3.2 L V-6 1993 Isuzu Trooper

Dear AquaTune,
These are my results on using AquaTune on my vehicle. This is a 3.2 L V-6 1993 Isuzu Trooper. It weighs in around 5000 pounds, has 4-wheel drive with mud and snow tires, automatic. The final drive ratio is 4:57-1. Not the greatest truck in town. I use my truck in my janitorial business.
Before AquaTune, I would only get around 15.5 mpg highway driving. Now it's at an astounding almost 21mpg! Around town I was getting 12-13 mpg and now it averages around 16 mpg. With the unit set up for power, I was able to break both rear tires loose for the first time! It was quite a surprise. Before AquaTune, acceleration was lack-luster, at best. Now it is responding and moves when you want to. I now have no trouble merging with traffic! The seat-of-the-pants feel is great!!

Carl Sawyer
Sunnyvale, CA