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Reasons to buy a system from Aquatune International

We are not here to sell a product that will allow you to run your car on water. While there are many who claim to be able to that a product like that would face many challenges. While youtube offers up videos promising fuel independence and by extension continuous blue skies, you wonder why it is all secret plans and no available product?

  • The first reason might be safety, with any combined Hydrogen and Oxygen vapor that is in a static state, either in a long hose or perhaps a plastic, metal or glass container, there is a risk for explosion, from a static spark or backfire condition of the engine.Since this risk in most systems is quite significant, anti flashback arrestors are used, sometimes 2x per hose. Even with great arrestors being used failures can happen. Our company has had zero explosions to date and we do not use arrestors. Safety by design is our first rule.
  • Perhaps the next reason that you do not find many of these products available on the market is because most of those products do not deliver consistent gains without changing the ECU programming or cutting into the engine wire harness to artificially change the Air/Fuel ratio control system. Doing this can produce great gains , but it can also void warranties, and even cause engine damage if not done correctly.
    Be aware that without tuning as was mentioned above, your car may get momentary mileage gain as high as 30%, however typically only for very short duration, since the ECU corrects itself and your mileage can actually be worse then before you installed a homemade kit.Usually this sets a CEL and you simply have cleaner emissions, a slight HP increase and a frustrated experience.Unfortunately that burst of positive gain is enough to meet most guarantee script, read it carefully.Very few systems can get a great guarantied and delivered positive change to your engine without ECU/sensor hacking.
    We do not hack sensors or cut any original vehicle wires to get our results, our systems work with the engine and the factory sensors do the fuel withdrawal on their own, as designed to do OEM.
  • Perhaps the third reason that the homemade kits are not popular, is the fact that the electrolyte being used can cause bodily skin or vision damage if not handled with gloves and goggles. This chemical will also corrode and pit aluminum engine parts with extended use. It must be measured carefully and along with that, if to much is added , your kit can overheat and fail within 1-4 years. Our systems are being used steadily since 2006 with great longevity and less then 1% needing repair even at that age.
    We do not use any electrolyte at all, and you do not need gloves to pour distilled water safely.
  • Some systems that are large enough to produce positive gains ( with hacking ) also draw excessive amounts of DC current, which requires you to use a larger or special alternator to avoid dimming lights or affecting sound on your stereo. Our system uses less then 2.5 amps 12 volt DC for a average Xtreme gas engine model , and never requires a ( higher then stock ) amperage supply.
  • Our goal is not a certain number of LPM of gas production, our goal is results for your engine, and a smile on your face. For that reason we make sure that, what we sell to you also fits your engine, and we give you instructions on how to do the install properly. Well maintained engines, with a correctly installed system, deliver results that you can be very happy with.
  • If you have any questions about what each of our systems does for your engine, either give us a call or send us an email. That information is a service we offer, simply to better serve your goals.
  • Important note: This is simply to offer a better understanding of how our products differ from a typical DIY home kit that you build. Even at low performance most of those kits will offer cleaner emission levels and that is certainly a great goal and achievement.
Attn: Nick, 
I wanted to tell you the whole story about my experience with your product because it may help others….I have a 35 foot 1999 Class A Chev. motor home with 454 engine, which is not exactly a gas sipper. I've had many other RV's in the past and always enjoyed adding many unique products to them (which I do myself)…..I have a friend who also has an RV and I have always jokingly competed with him regarding what we have installed last. When he called and said he installed your AquaTune system, I was really intrigued. By the way, he also got extremely high results and his RV is two years newer than mine…..So, I called and ordered one of your systems…..All this took place about three weeks before I left on a planned trip of at least six weeks and 6,000 to 7,000 miles….I did find an extra large water container that I've been using…..Well, I finally took off on my trip that lasted over six weeks and we traveled over 6,500 miles. Many of the miles were in mountainous areas….The results were dramatic in power that showed up going over hills and accelerating. I commented many times to my wife that I am going uphill and I'm still in overdrive! It didn't shift down as it did before the system was installed!......Before this trip I had used the RV for three trips of less than 500 miles each. When I called you the end of July, I told you that my mpg had increased from 6mpg to 8.5mpg!...On this trip it varied a little more, but then, I was pulling a full-size Jeep and I also logged 89 hours on my gasoline generator, which draws gasoline from my general fuel tank. So, logging in on this trip at an average of 7.738 mpg and the fantastic performance of the engine were good enough for me!......One more incident that was quite shocking to me was when I had an oil change half-way through the trip. When they pulled the pan with the drained oil out we were all shocked at how black the oil was! I commented that I had this water injection system installed and it was suppose to clean out the engine as well. I believe it, because when I arrived home I checked my oil again and it is still almost as clean as when it was installed….In conclusion, I thank you for the excellent support as well as a great system!!
Camarillo, CA

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AquaTune Hydrogen System on  KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas "Water Car" Put To The Test
AquaTune Hydrogen System on KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas "Water Car" Put To The Test
80% Less Fuel with AquaTune Fuel System
80% Less Fuel with AquaTune Fuel System
From 29MPG to 60MPG:  AquaTune System Installation  & Performance Overview
From 29MPG to 60MPG: AquaTune System Installation & Performance Overview